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50mm Mini Coil Nailer

Tacwise 50mm Mini Coil Nailer

An exceptional tool for 2.1 diameter round head nails. Weighing a mere 1.5kgs it will nevertheless countersink a 50mm ring shank nail. Compact design with a single or bump fire trigger. Very popular in the Fencing and Shed industry.

Only £359.95
(£299.96 ex VAT)
35mm Air Brad Naile

Tacwise 35mm Air Brad Naile

New tool which will prove very popular. Lightweight magnesium body easily copes with small to medium tasks. Fast single shot trigger, firing up to 5 shots per second, this nailer is very efficient!

Only £83.95
(£69.96 ex VAT)
Ranger 40 Duo (Nailer / Stapler)

Tacwise Ranger 40 Duo (Nailer / Stapler)

Powerful, reliable and convenient, the Ranger 40 Duo gives you the freedom to work anywhere without the hassle of gas, air hoses or mains cables. "Pro Pack" includes 1 x 1.7Ah Battery, 1 Hour Fast Charger and 500pcs each nails and staples.

Only £281.95
(£234.96 ex VAT)
64mm Finish Nailer

Tacwise 64mm Finish Nailer

Versatility at its best. Uses 20-64mm nails without requiring any magazine adjustment. The super-lightweight magnesium body and cutaway magazine further reduce the tool weight to just 1.85kgs. Features a nailing depth control and a special side opening jam clearance system to keep "down time" to a minimum.

Only £200.95
(£167.46 ex VAT)
Hobby 53EL Electric Nailer

Tacwise Hobby 53EL Electric Nailer

Lightweight, versatile high impact tacker taking standard 53 DIY staples and nails. Great for girls and guys who have lots of stapling to do.

Only £41.95
(£34.96 ex VAT)
50mm Finish Nailer

Tacwise 50mm Finish Nailer

An outstanding tool featuring a lightweight magnesium body, which is now even slimmer. It has improved magazine closure and non marking driver systems, an excellent power to weight ratio, nailing depth control and easy loading facility. " The joinery manufacturers favorite."

Only £177.95
(£148.29 ex VAT)
50mm Angled Finish Nailer

Tacwise 50mm Angled Finish Nailer

34° inclined magazine allows nailing into tight corners such as is required in door, window and wardrobe construction. Features a quick side loading nail system and rear touch safety, to allow improved visibility of the workpiece. Widely used by flooring contractors for fixing tongue and groove

Only £234.95
(£195.79 ex VAT)
25mm Headless Pinner

Tacwise 25mm Headless Pinner

For fixing fine beading. Ultra slim nose for accurate pin placement. No adjustment is required to fire pins of different lengths. Rear exhaust, trigger safety system and high durability driver.

Only £132.95
(£110.79 ex VAT)
100mm Angled Strip Nailer

Tacwise 100mm Angled Strip Nailer

The ultimate in nailing power and versatility. Advanced magnesium alloy body, weighing just 3.6kgs. Can cope with the toughest of construction applications. Easy loading magazine. Adjustable depth control.

Only £389.95
(£324.96 ex VAT)
Master NailerTM 400EL Pro

Tacwise Master NailerTM 400EL Pro

Mains powered angled nailer firing up to 40mm. Professional tool firing, neatly and quickly, up to 30 nails per minute. Angled for increased visibility and ideal for tight corners and secret (tongue and groove) nailing.

Only £105.95
(£88.29 ex VAT)
90mm Angled Strip Nailer

Tacwise 90mm Angled Strip Nailer

An extremely powerful first fix strip nailer that won't let you down. The lightweight angled magazine provides easy access in all frame construction applications day in, day out. Probably the most reliable tool on the market.

Only £268.95
(£224.13 ex VAT)
90mm Coil Nailer

Tacwise 90mm Coil Nailer

A more specialist tool firing up to 90mm. Super-lightweight magnesium alloy body for the ultimate power to weight ratio. Nose safety designed to avoid slippage. Tough to withstand the rigours of continuous on-site use.

Only £455.00
(£379.17 ex VAT)
Master Nailer 191EL Pro

Tacwise Master Nailer 191EL Pro

Fires 7 different lengths of nails up to 35mm and 4 different lengths of staples up to 30mm.

Only £93.95
(£78.29 ex VAT)
50mm Timber to Masonry Finish Nailer

Tacwise 50mm Timber to Masonry Finish Nailer

Constructed from triple hardened materials to consistently drive hardened 16G finish nails into brick and masonry. Popular for suspended ceilings.

Only £188.95
(£157.46 ex VAT)
Master Nailer™ 181EL Pro

Tacwise Master Nailer™ 181EL Pro

Speed, power and durability that the professional insists upon. Fires 7 different lengths of nails up to 35mm.
UK's best selling 35mm AC nail gun

Only £77.95
(£64.96 ex VAT)
Pro 140EL Electric Nailer

Tacwise Pro 140EL Electric Nailer

Lightweight, high impact tacker for those heavy duty applications, taking the standard 140 heavy gauge flat wire staples and nails too.

Only £59.50
(£49.58 ex VAT)
64mm Angled Finish Nailer

Tacwise 64mm Angled Finish Nailer

The ultimate angled finish nailer. No marking driver and quick reloading system. Features a new magazine reducing the overall weight to just 1.93kgs. Capable of countersinking a 64mm 15 gauge nail. Mostly used on site for joinery applications.

Only £247.95
(£206.63 ex VAT)
83mm Coil Nailer

Tacwise 83mm Coil Nailer

Robust tool. For reliable and tough continuous nailing with especially hardened working parts to ensure a long and productive life. Developed for the rugged pallet and case industries in particular.

Only £389.00
(£324.17 ex VAT)
70mm Coil Nailer

Tacwise 70mm Coil Nailer

Newly available, this tough production line tool has a highly developed construction and spec., firing up to 300 nails without reloading. Single shot or bump fire trigger. Tool suitable for packing and packaging industries.

Only £355.00
(£295.83 ex VAT)
50mm Coil Nailer

Tacwise 50mm Coil Nailer

Weighing only 2kg, this tool has superhuman speed and will take 27-50mm conical head nails making it ideal for fencing and shed manufacture.

Only £315.95
(£263.29 ex VAT)
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