Tacwise Finish Nailers

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64mm Finish Nailer

Tacwise 64mm Finish Nailer

Versatility at its best. Uses 20-64mm nails without requiring any magazine adjustment. The super-lightweight magnesium body and cutaway magazine further reduce the tool weight to just 1.85kgs. Features a nailing depth control and a special side opening jam clearance system to keep "down time" to a minimum.

Only £200.95
(£167.46 ex VAT)
50mm Angled Finish Nailer

Tacwise 50mm Angled Finish Nailer

34° inclined magazine allows nailing into tight corners such as is required in door, window and wardrobe construction. Features a quick side loading nail system and rear touch safety, to allow improved visibility of the workpiece. Widely used by flooring contractors for fixing tongue and groove

Only £234.95
(£195.79 ex VAT)
50mm Timber to Masonry Finish Nailer

Tacwise 50mm Timber to Masonry Finish Nailer

Constructed from triple hardened materials to consistently drive hardened 16G finish nails into brick and masonry. Popular for suspended ceilings.

Only £188.95
(£157.46 ex VAT)
64mm Angled Finish Nailer

Tacwise 64mm Angled Finish Nailer

The ultimate angled finish nailer. No marking driver and quick reloading system. Features a new magazine reducing the overall weight to just 1.93kgs. Capable of countersinking a 64mm 15 gauge nail. Mostly used on site for joinery applications.

Only £247.95
(£206.63 ex VAT)
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