3M Jupiter Intrinsically Safe Turbo Unit - Particulates, gases and vapours


3M Jupiter™ Air Filter Intrinsically Safe Turbo Unit - Particulates, gases and vapours. 085-00-10P. Code 276802 Classified EExibIIBT3II2GD. The 3M Jupiter™ , when used with one of the 3M approved head tops, forms a power-assisted respiratory protection device.

The Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit can be used with the following
3M headtops: HT-100 Series, HT-400 Series, HT-600
Series, HT-700 Series, and HT-800 Series.
● Choice of 3 batteries: 4 hr, 8 hr, Intrinsically Safe (4 hr).
● Nickel Metal Hydride batteries provide longer duration
for less weight.
● Choice of 5 filter types: P, A2P, KP, ABEP, A2BEKP.
● Filter covers reduce dust & sparks entering the filter body.
● Small profile of the Jupiter TM Air Filter Unit allows
good freedom of movement especially in smaller spaces.
● Smooth shape of the Jupiter TM Air Filter Unit allows
easy cleaning.
● Ergonomically designed belt improves user comfort.
● Electronic alarm gives visual and audible warning of low
airflow and/or low battery.
● Simple calibration method provides extended product life
without requiring manufacturer’s maintenance.
● Low maintenance design.

The Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit, when used as an approved
system with appropriate filters provides protection against:
● Particles e.g. fine dusts, mists and metal fume.
● Gases & vapours.
● Particles & gases combined.
The Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit, when used with an appropriate
headtop and filters, can be used in various applications
● Pharmaceutical.
● Chemical mixing/handling.
● Laboratories
● Paint Spraying (not isocyanates)
● Fibreglass handling
● Chemical and Agrochemical Spraying
● Welding
● Foundries
● Grinding

Order Code Description Price (Inc VAT) Quantity
085-00-10P Turbo Unit
Only £425.95
(£354.96 ex VAT)
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