21st Century 16° Flat Angle Wire Collated Coil Nails

21st Century

FAWRG 2.8 - 3.1mm wire collated flat coil nails, galvanized, ring or smooth shank, from 50 to 90mm


Nail diameter: 2.8 - 3.1 mm
Nail lenght: 50 - 90 mm
Angle: 16°
Head: Full round
Shank: Ring or smooth
Point type: Diamond
Finish: Galv.
Collation per coil: 225 - 250

Similar to:

Atro RHC, BeA BDC, Bostich Stanley C,AC, Duo-Fast CW, Fasco CN15W-65, Haubold RNCW, Hitachi NV A-AC, ITW Paslode F C, Holz-Her CN WIRE, Max CN , Porter Cable COIL, Prebena CNW, Senco SCN, Spotnails CN.


Wooden pallets assembly, siding, decking, sheating, sub-flooring, exterior decks etc.

Order Code Description Price (Inc VAT) Quantity
FAWRB3180 3.1x80mm, Ring ... 5,400/Box
Only £77.00
(£64.17 ex VAT)
FAWREEG2850 2.8x50mm Extra Galv Ring 4,000/Box
Only £50.40
(£42.00 ex VAT)
FAWREG2850 2.8x50mm Extra Galv Ring 4,000/Box
Only £50.40
(£42.00 ex VAT)
FAWREG3190 3.1x90mm, Extra GalvRing ... 4,000/Box
Only £89.00
(£74.17 ex VAT)
FAWRG2845 2.8x45mm, Ring ... 8,000/Box
Only £69.95
(£58.29 ex VAT)
FAWRG2850 2.8x50mm, Ring ... 8,000/Box
Only £75.75
(£63.13 ex VAT)
FAWRG2864 2.8x64mm, Ring ... 8,000/Box
Only £95.95
(£79.96 ex VAT)
FAWRG2875 2.8x75mm, Ring ... 6,000/Box
Only £93.50
(£77.92 ex VAT)
FAWRG3175 3.1x75mm, Ring ... 5,400/Box
Only £99.95
(£83.29 ex VAT)
FAWSG3190 3.1x90mm, Smooth 3,600/Box
Only £69.95
(£58.29 ex VAT)
FAWRG3190 3.1x90mm, Ring ... 3,600/Box
Only £82.95
(£69.13 ex VAT)
FAWSCRG3190 3.1x90mm, Screw ... 3,600/Box
Only £82.50
(£68.75 ex VAT)
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