Tacwise 18 Gauge Angled Brad Nail


18 Gauge brad nails, galvanized, from 15 to 50mm. Suitable for Tacwise Master NailerTM 400EL Pro, Tacwise Master Nailer 500EL Pro,


Brad diameter: 1.05 ×1.25 mm (18 Gauge)
Brad lenght: 15 - 50 mm
Point type: Blunt chisel
Angle: 20°
Finish: Galv.


Panelling, cabinet work, mouldings and trims, beading, craft work, picture and mirror frames, exhibition work, interior finishing etc.

Order Code Description Price (Inc VAT) Quantity
18GA15G-1000 15mm, 1,000/Box
Only £6.10
(£5.08 ex VAT)
18GA20G-1000 20mm, 1,000/Box
Only £6.70
(£5.58 ex VAT)
18GA20G-5000 20mm, 5,000/Box
Only £26.95
(£22.46 ex VAT)
18GA25G-1000 25mm, 1,000/Box
Only £7.45
(£6.21 ex VAT)
18GA25G-5000 25mm, 5,000/Box
Only £28.95
(£24.13 ex VAT)
18GA30G-1000 30mm, 1,000/Box
Only £7.65
(£6.38 ex VAT)
18GA30G-5000 30mm, 5,000/Box
Only £30.95
(£25.79 ex VAT)
18GA35G-1000 35mm, 1,000/Box
Only £8.15
(£6.79 ex VAT)
18GA35G-5000 35mm, 5,000/Box
Only £32.95
(£27.46 ex VAT)
18GA40G-1000 40mm, 1,000/Box
Only £9.70
(£8.08 ex VAT)
18GA40G-5000 40mm, 5,000/Box
Only £34.95
(£29.13 ex VAT)
18GA45G-1000 45mm, 1,000/Box
Only £10.20
(£8.50 ex VAT)
18GA45G-5000 45mm, 5,000/Box
Only £36.95
(£30.79 ex VAT)
18GA50G-1000 50mm, 1,000/Box
Only £10.70
(£8.92 ex VAT)
18GA50G-5000 50mm, 5,000/Box
Only £38.95
(£32.46 ex VAT)
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