Protecta Fall Arrest Safety Block JRG 22m D4 Galvanized Steel AD222


Protecta Fall Arrest afety Block JRG 22m D4 Galvanized Steel AD222. It has been a real challenge for Protecta’s engineers to put some much in so little space: 22m of cable together and all the safety expected in a Protecta fall arrest block in only 8kg. The JRG 222 has been especially created for industry and construction workers Looking for a product that is both easy to handle and high-performance. These professionals will certainly be won over by such a compact device that contents up to 22m of wire cable! On site, it provides an extremely high level of security, with its blocking mechanism designed to lock up at the slightest notion of danger with a reduced impact force and stopping distance. All this while avoiding any untimely locking during normal use.

- galvanised steel dia 4 mm
- length : 22 m

Internal absorbing element
- integrated brake system
- impact force reduction < 6 kN

  • System braking strength >1200 daN
  • Horizontal use allowed
  • Maximum fall < 2 m
  • Net weight : 8 Kg
  • Usable length : 22m
  • Complies with EN360

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