P+P GOTCHA KIT 100M Rescue From Height a Suspended Casualty 90293 100


P&P GOTCHA KIT 100M Rescue From Height an Arrested Suspended Casualty 90293-100. The P+P "Gotcha" Rescue Kit will enable the rescuer to attach a casualty who is suspended by a fall arrest lanyard, raise the casualty in order to release their current attachment and then raise or lower the casualty to a point of safety. All of the above are achieved without the need for the rescuer to access the casualty directly, they only need to be able to access the attachment point.

  • The kit will work effectively with conscious or unconscious casualties.
  • The rescuer can carry out the rescue from a point of safety.
  • The rescue can be carried out by a single person.
  • Suitable for Rescue from – Fall Arrest Lanyards and Fall Arrest Blocks
  • Remote attachment – The casualty can be attached from a point of safety
  • Single person use - The Gotcha is for raising or lowering a single person
  • Material Specification
    11mm kernmantle rope
  • Attachment Points
    Steel kwiklok karabiners and round anchorage sling
  • Size / Length
    100m rope, giving a maximum effective working length of 16m

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