Protecta AA410 Fall Arrest Restraint Kit


Protecta AA410 Fall Arrest Construction Restraint Kit.


  • AB10033 - 1-point PRO fall arrest harness
  • AM450/80 - 0.80 m stitched loop, blue
  • AE522 - Rip-stitch energy absorber, 2 m in length, 2 AJ501 carabiners
  • AK053- Storage bag
  • Lighter materials for improved comfort
  • Quick fastening buckles for ease of use
  • Standard impact indicators for improved safety
  • Improved label protection for extended life of the harness
Complies with the following European standards:
  • EN353-2: Guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line
  • EN354: Lanyards
  • EN360: Retractable-type fall arresters
  • EN361: Full body harnesses
  • EN362: Connectors
  • EN795-B: Moveable temporary anchor devices

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AA410 Reatraint Kit
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