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1308Q Schrader Valve Pump

Monument 1308Q Schrader Valve Pump

Schrader Valve Pump for airbag stoppers and flexible plugs.

Only £5.90
(£4.92 ex VAT)
SPARK Lighter/striker (gas)

Monument SPARK Lighter/striker (gas)

Spark Lighter or Striker.
For lighting LP Gas Torches, the cup shaped shield traps the gas and ensures ignition.

Only £3.35
(£2.79 ex VAT)
1512l Pipe Dry Testing Kit

Monument 1512l Pipe Dry Testing Kit

Dry Tests Pipework During and After Installation

Triple scale Bar, psi and kPa Scales

Suitable for water, air, gas and petroleum oil pipes upto 4bar and for testing combi systems. Can be left on test while flooring is laid to reveal any nail damage. Test hot and cold supplies separately to ensure pipes are not crossed. Fitted with Schrader Valve and 15mm Pushfit?? fitting. With rubber boot for added protection

Only £34.50
(£28.75 ex VAT)
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